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12 Incredible Things to Enjoy in Malta for Solo Travellers

solo travel to malta

While the rest of Europe certainly offers plenty of culture and history, solo travel to Malta brings a whole new flavor to the menu. With its medieval dungeons, mystical caves, turquoise Mediterranean waters and ancient architecture, the islands of Malta make for quite the solo adventure.

Solo travel to Malta gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace allowing you to truly have your own experience. Whether you seek creative inspiration or simply need a long-awaited vacation, here are 12 incredible things to enjoy during your trip.

Valletta: A City Adventure

Located right on the edge of the island lies Valletta, Malta’s capital city. Despite its miniature size, this square-kilometer of a city certainly holds enough character to go around. Its character and charm are represented by its colorful yet historic buildings lining its narrow streets. Whether you fancy a classically tasteful café or a medieval-inspired restaurant, Valletta has it.

If learning a bit more of Malta’s past interests you, make a visit to the National Museum of Archeology. For a broader view of the city, trek to the Upper Barrakka Gardens to see it in all of its glory.solo travel to malte

Lascaris War Rooms: Take a Peek into World War II

Hidden 45 meters under the Upper Barracca Gardens, the Lascaris War Rooms were key to Malta’s defense in World War II. A complex of underground tunnels and chambers were a secret known only to few individuals who worked in the War Headquarters. For a peek into the strategies used during the Defense of Malta, make sure to visit the Lascaris War Rooms during your stay.

Popeye Village: For the Young at Heart

 Young or old, we all love Popeye. Looking past its rundown houses and rustic exterior, Popeye Village, or Sweethaven Village, is a place of dreams. The village was used as the film set of the 1980 musical “Popeye” and has since attracted visitors of all kinds.

While visiting the village, you can meet Popeye himself and eat a restaurant that even serves, well you guessed it, spinach! Staying around a while? Try catching a boat ride or even making some new friends at a local bar.

solo travel to malta

St. John’s Co-Cathedral: A Baroque Experience

Looking to discover Malta at a deeper level? St. John’s Co-Cathedral is among one of Europe’s most important churches. While it may appear plain and simple from outside its doors, the inside will leave you staring in wonder. Every inch of the Cathedral is plastered with either marble, gold, or other expensive minerals.

Never stepped into such a place as this? Then you certainly won’t want to pass up this opportunity to experience baroque architecture at its finest.

Grand Harbor Boat Tour: For the History Buffs

To add to the bucket of historical things to do and see in Malta, a Grand Harbor boat tour may be the most immersive of them all. Home to the British Royal Navy of the Mediterranean until mid-1970s, the Harbor also was the site of the Great Siege of 1565. Whether or not you remember it from history class, your tour guide will be sure to share its story in depth.

For the most unique experience, hop on a traditional “dghajsa,” a small colorful boat that will emphasize just how interesting the harbor is.

solo travel to malta

Diving: Not Your Ordinary Swim

Besides its historical boat tours and stellar swimming holes, Malta has one more water-based activity that will attract you. Commonly referenced as the best diving in the Mediterranean, the island has many hotspots that will get you exploring in no time. While it may not boast as much marine life as the Pacific, the depths will certainly engulf you with wrecks and underwater scenery.

There is an abundance of excellent dive spots located all around the island, so variety is no shortcoming. If you haven’t yet gotten your dive license, don’t worry, as you can certainly acquire one while in Malta. If diving is your thing and you want to add another destination to your list, you won’t want to pass up Malta.

Secret Passage in St. Gregory’s: Enter if You Dare

With human bones piled up at the end of a recently (the 1960s) discovered passageway, you have to be pretty tough to handle a sight like this. Interestingly enough, the passageway holds many thought-provoking myths. Legend has it that people were buried alive inside of the passage during the siege of 1614.

However, research concludes that the bones were relocated to the location from a cemetery where everyone died at about the same time. Nonetheless, the secret passageway works now as a museum where you can go and witness this eerie sight for yourself. 

solo travel to malta

 Jesus Tree of Malta: Miracle or Pure Coincidence

Miracle or coincidence, the Jesus Tree of Malta bears an unmistakable similarity to Jesus Christ hanging on the Cross. As the legend goes, many years ago, the tree was struck by lightning which then formed into its striking image. While the Catholic Church does believe in miracles, it has been deemed that such an apparition as this is pure chance. Whether or not you choose believe it, you’ll have to see it for yourself. T

o get to this wonder, catch a ride to see it standing right off the main road of Zebbug in the direction towards Mdina.

Comino’s Blue Lagoon: A Scenic Getaway

Traveling alone can be one of the most exciting things but can also be stressful at the same time. Of course, there could be many ways to relieve this, and swimming in crystal blue waters just could do the trick. You might have seen pictures of Comino’s Blue Lagoon somewhere before and there’s no doubt as to why.

Every swimmer’s paradise, the lagoon sits right on the island of Comino, just a ferry ride away. Don’t worry about noise or distraction, as the island is uninhabited and free of cars. Whether you’re looking to clear your head, work on your tan, or get your next Instagram photo, Comino’s Blue Lagoon has it.

solo travel to malta

Malta Classic Grand Prix: For the Love of Cars

Last on the list, but certainly not least is the Malta Classic Grand Prix. Held on only four days of the whole year, October 6-9, Malta Classic exhibits cars of historic elegance and classical performance. All of the cars date back before 1976 and its participants come from locations all over Europe. You don’t have to love cars to attend this amazing event. Not many other places in the world host events such as this. So get your racer cap on and prepare to witness the competition of a lifetime.

Dingli Cliffs Segway Tour: Glide Across Malta’s Natural Landscape

What better way to see some incredible scenery than from an all-terrain segway? Check out Malta Segway Tours, as they offer the best deal packages around. Malta’s environment is protected and unspoiled offering insane views and an awesome adventure. You’re bound to make some new friends, as the tours generally have 7 or more people.

Whether you’ve ridden a Segway before or not, learning one is simple, and the experience will leave you with lifelong memories.

solo travel to malta

Mnajdra: Solar from the Stone Age

Positioned just right so the sunlight irradiate from solstices and equinoxes in the perfect way, Mnajdra is a true ancient wonder. While the structures are covered by metal to protect the soft stone from the elements, you can still visit this Neolithic temple. The temple is also believed to have some kind of association with calendars, as some stones have little holes in their surface. If ancient science interests you, or you just wish to see it in person, you may want schedule this into your trip.

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With so much to offer geographically, historically, and traditionally, Malta is a land of wonders. Traveling solo will allow you to truly experience it for yourself, and will open your eyes to sites unique to the land. Don’t leave your camera behind, as you won’t want to forget a trip like this!

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