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10 Beautiful Islands of Greece That You Should Visit

greece greek islands

There is a list why people love Greece. The food, culture, beaches, natural beauty and more, the list goes on. In addition, your visit gets accomplished when you stay in a holiday resort in Greece. This country has numerous things that attract thousands of people.

Greece is a diverse country whose landmass is a part of the European continent. The country has some breathtaking countryside where you feel amazing and relaxed. The country has always been a lovely destination for holiday with family and friends.

Here is a list of 10 beautiful Greek islands that anyone will love to visit:


greek islands

It’s best for party lovers. The island is popular for people looking for a good time. You get here some of the best nightclubs and bars; from classy cocktails to dancing music, Mykonos has it all. Once you come to this island, you won’t like to go back as there is so much fun here.


You will find a range of flashy bars and nightclubs on one side of the island and on the other side, in Old Perithia, you’ll see a different side of the island. Old Perithia is the oldest village, situated at the foot of Mount Pantokrator, which is surrounded by gorgeous vineyard and peaceful Venetian-style ruins. Once you enter the island, you will surely love the beautiful environment and climate.


greek islands

You are bound to cherish the domed white washed houses that look amazing against the bright blue sea. You have to go to the place and relish its beauty attracts thousands of people towards itself. Greece luxury family holidays are most enjoyed in this place. Greece islands are filled with surprises; you will see a difference in the sand of different beaches. Santorini beach is on volcanic rock; hence, the color of their dunes is unfamiliar. So, plan your next trip to this island to gather some unforgettable moments.


Kos is the third largest in the Dodecanese islands after Rhodes and Karpathos. The island is the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. If you enjoy lazy beach days, head to Kefalos for the best selection and cherish the island.


Milos is another volcanic island that is earning a reputation of a popular island for tourists. And, the turquoise water and rocky hills were popular within the locals. Milos is also known as ‘the Island of Colors’, the island is pure and quiet in comparison to other bigger neighbor islands. Enjoy the beauty of this wonderful island with your friends and family.


This is possibly the greenest island in Greece. The beauty of Naxos is incredible and it has earned a reputation as the Hawaii of Greece. The island is around 100km of white beaches and has incredibly clean water, the place is famous for wedding occasions. The place is full of amazing views and breathtaking places that you will love to visit now and again. At least once a lifetime, you must visit this beautiful island to offer peace to your soul and mind. To have a comfortable stay, hotel Sani beach in Greece is a good choice.


greek islands

Considered as the largest Greek island, Crete is the home of legendary Palace of Knosses. It was the oldest city is the Bronze Age complex, dating back to 7000 BC. Today, you can see a number of beaches to up your tan, fun for parties and traditional tavernas tucked away in hillside villages around the island. If you ever visit the island, try snails, fried, steamed and grilled as they are the delicacies of the place.


Paros is often just a stopping-off while exploring Santorini and Los. But, it certainly deserves more attention and time as it is like a pearl in the Aegean Sea. Make sure you visit some of the postcard perfect villages such as Marpissa, Parikia and Lefkas. The white-washed houses and mountains work as a cherry on the cake for this small yet gorgeous island. Along with this, you will also find delicious home cooked meze, the Greek version of Spanish tapas.

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This is the sixth largest Greek island and if you want to supersize your experience of Greek islands, this island is for you. You can explore the wide lakes and towering mountains to delicious olives dished in local tavernas. For interesting Greek cooking, get around a slab of kefalonia meat pie and, it is certainly has a different taste and delicious. There are some more dishes that you can try and taste the exotic taste of this island.


Alonissos is famous for pine forests and pebble beach. The island in the Sporades group has become popular in recent years having a greener Greek gateway. There are plenty of holiday resorts in Greece that also offer plenty of camp grounds, where you can stay close to nature. The island also has one of the largest marine parks in Europe, so visit this island if you want to see monk seals or enjoy some snorkeling. This island is a ‘must visit’ for you.

greek islands

You can reach this green island by taking a flight to Athens or Skiathos and get a boat across to the island. The island does not have an airport, so reaching it could be a bit tricky.

Exploring the beautiful island of Greece will leave you with some mind blowing experiences in life. Greece is a country filled with immense natural beauty and gorgeous islands, famous for its cuisine, culture and history. If you want to enjoy your summers with your friends and family members, you can explore a lot.

There are numerous different activities and places that match every age group. In addition to this, Greece luxury family holidays are famous for exciting fun activities, excursions, and more. Even the hundreds of little islands surrounded by Aegean, Mediterranean and Ionian are unique from each other, having different attractions. If you have never traveled to this country, you must check out some of the mentioned islands if not all.

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Alice Gerard - a few months ago Reply

What beautiful photographs and such fascinating descriptions. Maybe someday, I’ll be able to go there! It seems like a delightful place to visit for a visual artist. I would love to go to an island and paint!

Victoria - a few months ago Reply

I know this may sound dumb but I didn’t even know there were so many amazing islands to visit in Greece! I’ve heard of the main ones but these are so lovely!

Carrie - a few months ago Reply

This is so helpful for trip planning and narrowing down which islands I’d want to visit! Naxos sounds especially amazing, with all the green space.

Anna Johnston - a few months ago Reply

So much to see in Greece and this is a great list of must visits and for all the reasons I should. Being a bit of a foodie, I’d love to eat my way through the Greek islands but I have to see in person Santorini….
The colors are great.

melody pittman - a few months ago Reply

I love visiting Greece and have visited a few of these more than once. Naxos is one I haven’t been to yet and hope to get over to. I have a friend there who is originally from California and he is always talking up the gorgeous destination. Thanks for sharing!

Paige - a few months ago Reply

These are definitely some stunning islands. When I was in Greece I spent most of my time exploring archaeological sites, but I did make it to Poros and Aegina. I would love to come back to do a proper Greek island tour though! Alonissos sounds like my kind of vibe. It seems much more laid back and natural! And of courseI would love to go to Santorina as well!

Megan Jerrard - a few months ago Reply

I would love to explore Greece by island hopping, though Santorini is at the top of my list. Those domed white washed houses, and incredible sunsets have drawn me in!! Good to know that you can take in Paros and los along with Santorini. Alonissos sounds great though for it’s wildlife – thanks for the insight!

Jenna - a few months ago Reply

We loved Greece! We only made it to Athens and Santorini, but would love to explore more of the different islands sometime too. Santorini was so gorgeous and we had a wonderful time there, especially trying all the different wines! I would love to visit all of these other islands too, especially Alonissos–sounds like a beautiful spot!

Eve Kay - a few months ago Reply

What a great list! I love volcano islands and history so Milo and Crete sound perfect for me. Is the temple ruins in your last picture situated in Alonissos? It looks amazing, I wanna visit that now!

Jennifer Melroy - a few months ago Reply

I want to rent a sailboat and just sail around the islands for a week or two and just explore. I really want to dive and explore the ruins on the islands such a Crete. All the history those islands have seen. Plus the Instagram photos of sunsets look amazing.

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