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Random musings, mishaps and what-nots from my travel journal.

My Sojourn to Swayambhunath Temple in Nepal

nepal swayambhunath temple

I was roused by some distant religious chanting. I checked my phone and realized it had been just a few hours of sleep. I forget for a moment where I was and slowly started to recall that I checked into a serene guesthouse settled in the scenic hills of Swayambhunath district. It had been a day […]

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Learnings from a Parisian Classroom or How I Got Me Into Writing

writing new traveller tips travel writing day trips from paris

A Paris! The dream destination of every traveler I know, dubbed as the world’s most favorite bucketlist item including mine. The world’s most romantic city. The city of lights. I counted the months, the weeks, the days until my day of my flight from Singapore’s Changi Airport to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Aeroport. In excitement […]

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Everybody Was Wrong About Zamboanga


“I’m booked for Zamboanga!” Jubilantly telling everyone, my mom, my relatives, friends, colleagues, my favorite barista, practically everyone. The response I got? Weird. I get usually frowns and stern looks. “I know someone who knows someone who can go with you. You need a guide or travel buddy.” “The people of Zamboanga are not friendly.” […]

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My One Essential Travel Writing Tip After a Year of Blogging

travel writing tip

It’s been 11 months since I bought my domain name, After about weeks of tweaking my website, I launched it after a month and created social media platforms where I can promote my pages, photos and videos. Since then, I have written about a hundred articles, shared hundreds of travel photos, shared tips and […]

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