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7 months ago

DIY: 5 Budget-Friendly Things to Enjoy at Patar Beach Bolinao

patar beach

Patar Beach is Bolinao’s main attraction, the star of the show, a gem of find in the northern part of Pangasinan. The best part about this long and wide stretch of  a beautiful shoreline is that aside from being sun-kissed free, there are loads to do around the beach that’s fun and budget-friendly. Getting There […]

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Your Ultimate Guide to Sarangani, Philippines


Sarangani is like a thrilling novel with its usual ups and downs, sleepy long narrations and a surprising twist in every chapter that keeps you from putting it down. In each chapter are interesting twist of serene white sand beaches, caves and bat sanctuary, jaw dropping skyline, booming paragliding community, raging waterfalls, rich dive sites […]

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Land Travel in Mindanao: 6 Essential Rules to Live By

mindanao land travel

Mindanao is the third major region in The Philippines, the “Minda” part of the traditional Filipina name, “LuzViMinda”. The island is located in the southern part of the country and has been in the news limelight for  recent terror attacks and series of kidnapping incidents.  Behind these grim news, lies a plethora of beautiful landscape […]

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Everybody Was Wrong About Zamboanga


“I’m booked for Zamboanga!” Jubilantly telling everyone, my mom, my relatives, friends, colleagues, my favorite barista, practically everyone. The response I got? Weird. I get usually frowns and stern looks. “I know someone who knows someone who can go with you. You need a guide or travel buddy.” “The people of Zamboanga are not friendly.” […]

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10 Really Obvious Reasons Why You Should Include Philippines in Your Southeast Asia Itinerary


The Philippines maybe off the standard Southeast Asia itinerary backpacker trail, however direct flights from Bangkok, Ho Chi Min, or Kuala Lumpur to Manila will only set you back for just around USD100.00.  It would be a shame for you to miss out on our incredible beaches and our many natural resources and as well […]

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10 months ago

Top 7 Safe Destinations in The Philippines You Should Visit

solo destination philippines

Amid the recent bad incidents, sometimes blown out of proportion by the media, thereby sending a negative image throughout the world, there are still safe destinations around The Philippines. The country is blessed with abundant natural wonders and we may have the cheapest beer in the world too so all the more reason to come backpacking in […]

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