You Need These 5 Essentials to Make Your Next Long Haul Flight Better

The thought of spending 8 or more hours on a flight (someone I know flew for 24 hours!) inside a cramped airplane cabin can be agonising enough to make you put travelling off altogether. Think about sitting for long hours, recycled air, crappy airline food and time zone adjustments.

But you can take a number of precautions to ease the pain – from bringing with you your beloved travel pillow and your favourite reading material to claiming an empty row and totally skipping the free booze.

Here’s my list of essential items to bring with you on your next long haul flight so you deplane looking fresh and relaxed.

Steam Eye Mask

This wonder product helps reduce those eye bags the size of potato sacks when you deplane after that long haul flight. Use this just hours before your arrival or before you deplane so your eyes look refreshed. The instructions are in Japanese but to sum it up, you just peel it open and the eye mask starts to heat up. Put it on and leave for a few minutes. While you have this on take deep breaths or do some meditation to help with the relaxation. You can buy over the counter at any drugstores.

Steam Eye Mask for Long Haul Flights

Steam Eye Mask

Your own inflight entertainment

Bring your favourite reading materials, kindle, gadgets for playing your movies. If your flight is around 8 hours or more, this should be helpful in passing time. 

flight entertainment

Sleep mask with earphones

I chanced upon this in one of the gift shops here in Singapore. It’s a sleep mask with built-in earphones. If you do not like to use the earphones, you can remove it and use the sleeping mask only. The earphone jack is the standard size so it should fit any normal mobile listening device like phones or iPods.

Lavender oil

I use this a lot to help me sleep and for relaxation even when I’m not flying. Just drop 2-3 drops on your palm and rub together and whiff it or press your palm on your face. The oil also helps your facial skin to look refreshed and not dry from all that recycled cabin air.

Bedroom slippers and socks

Airline cabins are usually brutally cold. To avoid getting cold feet for the whole duration of your flight. The slippers? For walking thru the cabin while you do your leg stretches and using the toilet. Never walk barefoot inside the cabin. It’s a breeding ground for germs!

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Make sure to pack these essential items in your carry-on pack and already arranged as you would need them to avoid rummaging thru your entire carry-on bag from time to time. 

These items are tested and worked best for me. If you have any other items that works best for you, please share it too!

Au revoir! Happy travels.

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