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5 Really Adorable Cute Items You Should Bring Home from Japan

Glad to step in for the first time in the district of Akihabara on a weekend. A bustling weekend. Weekends are time for flea markets, second-hand shops, toy stores, loud and tightly packed capsule toy gachapon shops and anything and everything about finding cheap and cute souvenirs to bring back home.

Japan is the land of the rising sun and ultimately also the land of cute weird items. Travelling to Japan or to anywhere for that matter is never complete without shopping. Trust me, everyone, I mean every human being from all generations needs to bring home something that they will remind them of this trip. Something that connects them back to this moment in the future.

And when in Japan, something uniquely Japan should be in your souvenir bag.

Manga Classics

My favorite novel, movie and play of all time. Now in manga. #wheninjapan #japaneseculture #manga #lesmiserablés

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Manga or animated comic books was originally created in Japan during 19th century. Today, it is a huge million dollar industry that has expanded to TV and online games. What could be a more fitting souvenir than finding your favorite novel in a manga version?

Anything Pokemon

When in Tokyo you can hit the Pokemon Center or the gazillions of toy stores lined up in Akihabara district. You will find all things Pokemon. Just like the famous pink cushable cat, Pokemon items will be a big hit to your friends and families when they start to dig in your shopping bag at the airport arrival area. I got some Pokemon cup noodles for my friends back home.

Gachapon teeny weeny prize toy

Aside from the chilling time of being a kid again, the tightly packed and loud gachapon shops is a must-do activity to experience something uniquely Japanese. I visited one, one Sunday afternoon. Turned out to be a mistake to visit one on a Sunday afternoon. The fun experience of being a kid again was also a claustrophobic one too. But the thought of always winning something every time you drop in your yen coins into the slot is enough to keep you high about your entire Japan trip.

japan shopping gachapon


Shrine Omamoris

When visiting any shrine or religious sites in Japan, there are souvenir shops by the entrance and the exit gates that sell omamoris or simply translated to mean amulets or lucky charms. There are all sorts of omamoris that you can find everywhere and for everyone. There are even omamoris for someone who is taking certification exams, for nurses and doctors, for the teenager, for parents, for grandparents, for those who travel a lot.

As a traveller, I bought a lucky charm for protection while travelling. I got this from the tranquil and peaceful Meiji Shrine souvenir shop.

japan shopping

Of course, KitKat

The Japanese seems to be serious with their KitKat wafer chocolate industry that they’ve expanded the variety of flavors to every imaginable concoction. If you are in Japan during the sakura season in springtime, you have got to try their KitKat sakura flavor. Other flavors that I tasted during my visit to the world’s favorite destination is the sakura and the sake flavor.

The sweetness and that distinct crunchy chocolate wafer is still there but with a touch of sweet sakura and a bit of sour sake. Yes, uniquely Japan.

japan cute items
japan cute item

When shopping in Japan, hit the flea markets for a more memorable take home gift or souvenir. Skip the giant malls and high-end brands. I am cutely sure that your friends and family back home will appreciate a manga or cute itsy teeny weeny keychain toy from one of your gachapon thrilling plays.

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danik - 8 months ago Reply

I really looked at why KitKat was in this blog until I read about its special flavour as its a UK created choccy brought by the Swiss 😀 Great post even though I hate Pokemon with a passion! 😛

Nathan - 8 months ago Reply

I would love to visit a Japanese flea market! I like flea markets at home so it would be so interesting to compare what you can find at a Japanese flea market versus what you can get at home!

Barbara Wagner - 8 months ago Reply

These are amazing! I might go to Japan this year. I will make sure to keep an eye out for them.

Raghav - TickerEatsTheWorld - 8 months ago Reply

Although I have only been to Japan as a kid and don’t remember much, I have been wanting to go back now for years. I am totally fascinated by everything Japanese and all that you mentioned – I guess seeing how good they are with Bonsai, they would have other miniature items too – just adds to that. Wasabi Kitkat is something I so want to try and Manga is something that I have read, but since they aren’t always easily available around the world, I can’t wait to go to an actual Japanese bookshop and take it all in. Thanks

Vicki Louise - 8 months ago Reply

These are such great ideas for souvenirs! I had no idea there was a Manga version of Les Miserables! How cool?!

Stephen Schreck - 8 months ago Reply

Hahaha I love all the fun and quirky things for sale in Japan! I agree with they are super serious about KitKats and anything Pokemon is a must when grabbing gifts.

Sandy N Vyjay - 8 months ago Reply

I would love to visit Japan and get those souvenirs for my near and dear ones. The Kit Kat flavour is unimaginable. I want to taste them all! The gachapon toys are just so adorable that I can’t get over their cuteness.

stacey sandlin - 8 months ago Reply

How fun my kids love all things pokemon and I had no idea kit kat had all those cool flavors, so my kids would so love those things to! Fun post and great ideas. I am also searching for great things to bring home form travels.

Anita Hendrieka - 8 months ago Reply

Ah how I miss Japan and the Pokemon merchandise. I loved Japan! I could have literally taken everything home. Everything is so cute!

Elaine J Masters - 8 months ago Reply

I’ve been to Japan twice and it’s so tempting to bring a suitcase full of souvenirs. I made do with a Totoro memento.

GO TRAVEL BARGAINS - 6 months ago Reply

If and when I’m next back in Japan I’m going to buy a fuck tonne more ceramic kitchen items, prints and beautiful/cute things.

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