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The Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone e-book is an ultimate guide to planning your first solo travel. It is designed to answer questions most people have on where or how to start planning for their own journey. Now is the best time to start planning for your own journey.

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Chapters Include:

  • Answers the questions When? Where? and How much? 
  • Essential tips on how to prepare the most important aspect of solo travel, YOU.
  • Ways to save more money for your travel fund
  • First timer tips on gears, choosing a destination and of course your safety.
  • Important reasons why you should embark on a solo travel at least once in your lifetime
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Carla Abanes

Carla is the creator of this travel blog aimed to inspire women from all walks of life to embark on their own solo travel. She believes that travel is the best personality development course there is.

When not working behind her desk job, she's always lugging her backpack to somewhere gorgeous. She loves to read travel books too.