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Top Things to Remember When in Ireland


Ireland is abound in its unscathed natural beauty. And this in itself should be reason enough to travel to this enigmatic European country. But let me sketch a vivid picture for you.

The country is mystical with castles that is sure to transport you in to a world of glorious kings, lovely maidens and the terror evoking dungeons. All of the castles are opulently grand and a must visit. The country is quite ancient in its disposition that makes it a barrel full of history. Amble through the gorgeous streets of the country and gawk at history, still shining through times immemorial.

Speaking of its beauty, the vistas are breathtakingly spectacular. And what could be better than whizzing past them on a scenic drive. You must do it without a fail. And one thing which you must absolutely experience is the pub culture of Ireland. There is nothing more delightful than striking up a conversation with Irish people over some Guinness.

These are all those things that you can take complete liberty in doing when in Ireland. But then, there are those that you should remember when visiting this amazing destination. So, I will pen down some of the things to completely avoid to not turn your Ireland experience into a nightmare. Pay heed, mate!


Don’t even try that Irish accent

Yes, we all fancy the Irish accent and secretly wish to speak with the same charm. But let’s face it, we cannot. So, do not even try to imitate the accent when in Ireland. Sometimes, people try to copy the accent while speaking to the locals to get pally. But, the Irish simply do not approve of such friendly demeanor. They mistake it for mockery. Trust us, you don’t want to put yourself in to that situation and earn the Irish dislike. Though they are very friendly, you do not want to test them over the accent.

Get over Leprechauns

We all have grown up listening to the tales of the mischievous Leprechauns. We are fond of the little bearded men with hats. But, this topic in Ireland has become irksome. Do not ask Irish people about their authenticity. They are a part of the folklore. Let them stay there. Also, don’t even try calling an Irish, a Leprechaun. You’re going to miff them beyond repair.

Skip the “Irish Car Bomb”

If you are to take it from me, drink down your desire of having an “Irish Car Bomb” unless you want to get kicked out of the bar. A drink that maybe a popular favorite in American bars still remains a reminder of the Troubles in Ireland. Yes, the name of the drink dates back to the times when multiple bombing in cars took place. You don’t want to scratch the old wounds and face the wrath of the locals. Even when you get tipsy, take control of your tongue before you mention this at the pubs.

Buy drinks by the round

top things remember ireland

Drinking rules are quite explicit in Ireland. When you hit a pub with a group of friends make sure you adhere to the buy-drinks-by-the-round rule. The rule is simple― if you are with a group of five friends, each friend must take turns to buy a round of drinks. So, take the lead and order that first round. And then your other friend can call out for second when the first gets over. Isn’t that fair?! It so is. So, keep this in mind and enjoy a wonderful time with your new friends in Ireland.

Excuse yourself when smoking

top things remember ireland

Ireland has its smoking rules quite strict. The country passed a law against the ban of smoking in workplaces and enclosed public areas, making it one of the first countries to do so. If you’re caught smoking in enclosed places, not only will you pay a hefty penalty but will also be seen as a bad-bad foreigner. Don’t even try to act smart to light up that one cigarette. You are always under the hawk eye. Uh-oh, not even a whiff of it.

The wounds of the troubles are still fresh

You may be curious to know-it-all about the troubles that plagued Ireland. But, hold up your horses, traveler, do not strike up a conversation over this sensitive topic. It’s not something that the Irish people like to talk about. They are not nice memories but remnants of the painful past. So, skip it because it hurts. Instead, try to talk about something that may cast a smile on their faces. Like a game of football, maybe?

There are no Irish phrases

Movies have always been the distributor of some false notions. And this stands true for a few Irish phrases. So, when you see an Irish person giving that bewildered look when you blurt, “top of the morning,” it’s but so natural. There is absolutely nothing like that phrase that exists in Ireland. So, don’t become the butt of jokes by saying such phrases out loud.

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The Irish hates comparisons

Well, Ireland hardly has any flaw but then some people will always find a few. Even if you do, keep it to yourself. Don’t try to get all ballsy to tell an Irish that their country needs to ace their game in comparison to other countries. Irish people like the way they are – simple, elegant and relaxed. They don’t get into the nit-picking business. So, you keep your fair distance with it too when in Ireland. Making comparisons will only make you a loner.

It’s not a part of British Isle


Only a few counties of Northern Ireland still associate themselves with the UK. The rest of the counties are no longer a part of it. But tourists go ahead to create the biggest faux pas they could by calling Ireland as British Isle. There is seriously a need for people to brush up on the general knowledge revolving around the European countries. So, don’t get laughed at by the Irish people for your poor knowledge of their country.

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Anyway, it’s enough of me telling you don’t do all these things. I feel like a granny already. So, let me leave you with one thing that you can do in Ireland without thinking twice― Be You. Yes, Irish people love to be their original selves and they would adore a truer version of you.

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