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5 Reasons You Didn’t Get That Schengen Visa
There are a lot of reasons why you didn't get that Schengen visa. A lot of whys and hows and[...]
My One Essential Travel Writing Tip After a Year of Blogging
It's been 11 months since I bought my domain name, www.justtravellingsolo.com. After about weeks of tweaking my website, I launched[...]
How to Say YES! to Solo Travel and New Adventures
Today is the day that I officially quit my job and say "YES!" to solo travel and new adventures. Where[...]
Ultimate Guide to Your First Solo Backpacking Trip
So what's all this hype about going solo backpacking somewhere cold and sleeping on stiff bunk beds? Solo backpacking or travelling,[...]
Packing 101: What Not to Pack
We all know the routine. We pack our toiletries, gadgets, travel gears, clothes for sleeping, for going out, for formal[...]
Should You Still Go? In Spite of Recent Terror Events? Yes!
Over the recent years, there has been a lot of tragic news of terror attacks on tourist spots or crowded[...]
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