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We will love articles about solo travel, travel memoirs, travel guides and hacks. Mostly related to travel but affiliated posts or marketing posts are a big no-no.

Our readers are important to us!

Make sure you travel articles are relevant to our audience. Our readers are focused on budget solo travel, quick getaways, travel memoirs, itinerary planning, how-to-get-there travel guide. Think of how your article will inspire our readers to embark solo to Europe or go on yoga retreat to Bali.

What we are looking for

Make sure your word count exceeds 1000 for SEO purposes. You can include links to other reliable sources and to your own previous related articles. Images should be in high resolution landscape format with minimum size of 1024. Make sure you include appropriate photo credits if using images other than your own. Throw in a video too if you like. Anything to make it awesome!

We are mostly looking for titles along the lines of "Top 10 Things to do in XXXX" or "How to travel to XXXXX Solo". Articles for advices to solo travellers are most welcome too.

What we DON'T publish

We will reject any submissions articles about affiliated hotel or restaurant reviews, full-length articles on family travel, activity like golf, skiing and extreme adventure. We need the articles to be relatable and should be something achievable by our valuable readers. We will also reject articles on luxury travel, resort or spas. 

Affiliate or marketing links within the article is not allowed. You can do this when the link goes to your site. However we are open to accepting sponsored links for a minimal fee. Email us if this is something you are working on.

We will also reject any previously published stories on your personal blog or on any other websites. 

About who you are

Include a 200 word paragraph about how amazing you are and what inspires you today. Put in all those impressive numbers and links to your social media and of course your link to your travel blog too!

Throw in an awesome profile pic too!

So if you’re ready to pitch in any rockin’ travel ideas articles that fit our guidelines, feel free to email me at carlaabanes@justtravellingsolo.com